Mission Statement: The Waterloo Regional Police Service is committed to a leadership role in crime prevention and law enforcement in a community partnership to improve safety and the quality of life for all people.

Core Values: Core values are ideals or commonly held beliefs that our members display throughout their daily activities, while in pursuit of our mission.

The corporate values of the Waterloo Regional Police Service are:

Excellence - We will strive to go above and beyond in every respect of policing.
Respect for Life - Every member of our community is important and deserves the highest level of service.
Integrity - We believe in conducting ourselves ethically and professionally, with the highest degree of honesty and accountability.
​Teamwork - Together we can do more than we can do individually.
Quality of Life - Our community deserves a high level of safety and security.
Partnerships - Effective policing includes proactive cooperation with other agencies and resources.
Education - We are committed to self-improvement through continuous training and learning.
Diversity - We respect and benefit from the diversity within our Service and our community.
Justice - We uphold laws, procedures and freedoms of the justice system.​
​Children and Youth - Children and youth are our most valuable resource, and long-lasting crime prevention begins with them.

The Waterloo Regional Police Service is in the process of developing the its 2015-2017 Strategic Business Plan. Our Strategic Business Plan drives organizational transformation and pays particular attention to emerging trends, current policing priorities and community input. It will provide the road map for our service over the next three years and beyond. We are excited to build on the successes of our current Strategic Business Plan under the nine pillars of excellence: Vision Inspired – Values Drive Organization, Our Members, Neighbourhood Policing, Youth, Criminal Investigations, Road Safety, Communication, Information Technology Resources, and Infrastructure and Finance. The goals and objectives of our plan will continue to reflect Our Shared Vision, Our Core Values and Our Mission. We have begun our environmental scanning process with an internal census of our members, a random telephone survey to community members and a survey mailed out to victims of break and enters. Over the next several months, we will follow up these surveys by running focus groups across the Region. The focus groups will delve deeper into the underlying policing issues in our community and ensure that all of our diverse community members have the opportunity to share their feedback and ideas. The results of our community surveys will be made available on our website this summer and we are aiming to launch our 2015-2017 Strategic Business Plan in January 2015.  

Our current organizational structure reflects the distinct areas the Service provides. The current structure was approved in November of 2013 by our Police Services Board. In addition to presentations from the Chief, updates on the progress of selected service areas are provided to the Board regularly through a series of Dashboard files.