​a.  Public Complaint – The Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD), is an independent civilian body tasked with the intake, classification and investigation of public complaints against police officers in Ontario. The OIPRD receives and reviews all public complaints to determine whether they are policy, service or conduct complaints and makes decisions on whether the complaints will be accepted and merit further investigation. Once accepted, the OIPRD may assign the involved Service to investigate (in most cases), or alternatively, they can assign their own investigators or an outside Police Service to investigate.

​b.  Chief’s Complaint – Chief’s complaints cover all other scenarios where potential misconduct comes to the attention of the Chief outside of the OIPRD process.  In some cases, a complainant will advise the Service of a complaint, but may be unwilling to pursue their complaint with the OIPRD. In these cases, their complaint is reviewed and a Chief’s complaint may be initiated.  


Not captured in these statistics is the number of contacts the Police Service has received from members of the public. These may be better
described as concerns brought forward by members of the public which often do not escalate to the public complaint level. They may include a
letter sent to the Service, an inquiry made over the phone or by email by a member of the public or a face to face meeting with a Professional
Standards investigator, Staff Sergeant or Senior Officer of any branch.

Included in these contacts are thirty-six (36) complaints the OIPRD have screened out to be better dealt with in another manner or by way of more
relevant legislation.

Contacts are documented and kept on file as a method for tracking public dissatisfaction matters which are resolved outside of the public complaints
forum.  In most instances the contact resolves the matter.

​Total Contacts as of December 31, 2013 = 78