Police reported crime is counted up to four violations per incident that occurred within the reporting year. However, only the one Most Serious Violation (MSV) in an incident is used for the purposes of calculating the crime rate and the Crime Severity Index. 
Regardless of the counting methodology used in criminal statistics, it is important to note that no statistical report will ever be able to capture the entirety of crime related issues. The statistics are limited to only crime that is reported to police - understanding and addressing un-reported crime is not a new challenge.
Although crime trends have been declining over the years, investigators believe that the complexity of crime is increasing. The police-reported crime statistics do not capture the significant portion of police workload that is attributable to non-criminal activities. Police are required by law to not only to enforce law but also to prevent crime, provide assistance to victims, respond to emergencies and conduct public order maintenance. The majority of calls for service that patrol officers respond to are not criminal in nature. As a result, approximately 80% of the calls for police services are not included in these statistics.

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