BACK-UP 911 CENTRE A failover site was established which ensures that 911 Communications and radio dispatch can continue to operate in the event of an emergency evacuation at the main site.
HUB PROJECT This Community mobilization project was launched to create a multi-agency team to reduce crime and victimization and identify at risk people in the community. The Information Technology Branch was tasked with developing a tool to compile and create metrics to be used by the team.
NEW TECHNOLOGY IN FACILITIES Four concurrent building projects were completed in 2013 which gave WRPS an opportunity to integrate leading edge technology into our employees’ workspaces. This met our goal of implementing innovative technologies that create efficiencies and improve effectiveness for our members and community stakeholders.

​North Division

In 2013, our new North Division building was completed which includes a modernization of technologies.  An automated system was installed to provide suspect interview recordings for court use. A network based phone system was chosen to reduce costs and add capabilities for future video conference solutions.

Centralized Regional CourthouseThe completion of the new Regional Courthouse amalgamated three Courtrooms in to one building, staffed by officer and civilian staff. 

Police Reporting Centre Renovations to this center and changes in work flow required a new customer queueing system to ensure customer service was at its best for the thousands of visitors each month.

CRIME MAP A crime mapping tool was developed to provide front line officers with crime analysis tools in the cruiser to identify outstanding warrants and crime statistics in a particular area or patrol zone. The police cruisers also maintain access to email, internal Intranet and a cellphone. 

The Ministry of Transportation query system has rolled out to all cruisers. This system gives officers a direct query capability to the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario. It allows them to view license plate information, verify driver’s license photos and vehicle insurance status. 
Information Technology made several advancements in 2013 and completed a number of initiatives that were identified in the Vision Inspired, Values Driven Strategic 2012-2014 Strategic Business Plan. 

​The following projects were implemented in support of front line police officers and have impacted our overall level of service.
Electronic ticketing allows for traffic tickets to be processed inside the cruiser. Introduced in 2013 as a Pilot Project in the Traffic Division, this in-house software solution includes driver’s license swipes, printers and other in-car technology that allows tickets issued to drivers and information to be automatically relayed to the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. It auto-populates ticket information and calculates the proper fine amount. It takes just one minute to create and print the ticket.This replaces a system where officers kept notes in notepads and issued hand-written tickets.


DATA SECURITY Police Services throughout the province were the subject of prolonged cyber-attacks in 2013. Enhanced protection was provided to both internal and external web portals to ensure that WRPS data integrity was maintained. A new high speed private network was created to ensure that WRPS is strategically aligned to meet our current and future Business Plan goals.