New Ford Interceptors on patrol in 2013

In 2011, the Ford Crown Victoria, a popular police vehicle was 
discontinued leaving police agencies looking for a new option.

The Waterloo Regional Police Service Fleet Committee considered and tested all available options, but in the end, the Interceptor sedan and a utility model, would become the new police vehicle in Waterloo Region.

There are many benefits to these vehicles. They are all-wheel drive which will provide safer handling in inclement weather and during emergency response situations.


​The console area has been entirely redesigned in an effort to improve officer safety in the event of an accident. The new design has the computer screen built into the dashboard and a smaller keyboard on the console area which provides a clear area for airbags to deploy, unlike in most previous police vehicles.
The rear passenger area features a hard plastic prisoner compartment seat which prevents evidence from being hidden and making it much easier to clean.

The new vehicles offer fuel savings and efficiencies in transferring equipment from the old Crown Victoria models. The total cost of each new vehicle is roughly $45,000. They will eventually replace all older police vehicles and are recognized as the police cruiser of the future.